This is me. I'm kind of a dork. I'm also a hard worker.
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Hello there,
My name is Daniel.

I'm a Front End Developer and I love working on

Tons of Stuff
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Browser Optimization
  • Purposeful Design
  • Blogging

Why I Became a Front End Dev

After a myriad of different careers, I finally found something that appeals to core parts of my personality. I became a frontend developer because I want to make the world a better place. I honestly believe that.

Love for Design

Even as a child, I remember being enchanted with all things design. I had no idea that's what to call it, but looking back it's pretty obvious.

Purpose Centered World View

I want to live a deliberate life, and I appreciate how Front End as a field is about helping people make decisions... enabling them to lead their own deliberate life.

Affinity for Psychology

I love seeing the connection between how people think and act. I love it so much, I got a BA in Psychology.

Front End Developmnet allows me to use, explore and grow in these areas... and I love that.

Some of My Best Work (so far)

  • Omniplan A creative architecture company that wanted a site that reflected their fun personality and their quality work
  • Catalyst Online Magazine A non-partisan online magazine created by the Bush Institute intended to create discussion and change
  • George W. Bush Presidential Center A very large site redesign for a very presidential client.

Other Stuff I Love

Just to give you a more well rounded picture of me...
and in no particular order...

  • a cup of french pressed coffee
  • my awesome family
  • rennovation projects
  • teaching kids art